It's 2020. What's the state of ES modules and bundling for front-end code? Can we finally write real ES modules without having to transpile everything down to ES5, use CommonJS require modules, and shove it all into one (or a handful of) big JavaScript bundles that we deliver to the browser?

Webpack supports ES module syntax since v2, which is more than a couple years old now.

When delivering code to the browser, does it still need to be in an IIFE or UMD module? Can we start using the module/nomodule pattern to deliver native ES modules to the browser? Especially if you're not supporting older browsers that don't support ES6+ anymore?

Look into Snowpack and Pika Pkg. Possibly bundle all your CommonJS packages from npm into one ES module using Snowpack (which I believe uses Rollup under the hood), and then you can write the rest of your own JavaScript in native ES modules without needing any bundling steps.

Probably need to have a backup CommonJS bundle for the time being until publishing ES modules becomes more widespread.


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