Split screen header

A large site header with hero image, title and navigation on the left half, and a circular logo cutout.

Frosted glass card overlay

Frosted glass effect using CSS3 filter property. The card's title and description slide up on hover, blurring the card's background behind them.

Four quadrant header

Concept for a 4-quadrant site header with background hero image.

Simple device mockups in CSS

Simple, responsive, single-div device mockups using raw CSS. Inspired by Stripe. The devices automatically size to the dimensions of the image inside them.

Featured posts slider

Concept for a full-screen slider to display featured posts for a blog. The slider does not auto-scroll, waiting until clicked to reveal the next featured post.

Full page featured posts slider

Sticky self-hiding navigation

Concept for a sticky navigation bar, that hides on scroll down, and re-appears on scroll up.

Floating mobile navigation menu

Concept for a floating hamburger menu for mobile.